Frequently Asked Questions

Could my old exhaust of over 4 years with no apparent leaks cause poor fuel consumption?

Yes, because a muffler builds up with carbon and over a period of years make the muffler less efficient

Sometimes I hear a rattling noise from the front of my exhaust and occasionally loss of power, could this be the catalytic converter?

Yes, there are a number of things that could make a rattle noise, but with the loss of power you should have your catalytic converter flow tested

Will headers/extractors only increase my power or also the economy?

Yes, they increase economy and performance of approx. 10% depending on driving habits

How often should a catalytic converter/O2 sensor be changed?

If there are no signs of problems, approx. a 100,000 - 130,000 KM is the average

Will cold air intake improve the performance and economy of my car?

Yes, because you're getting cool fresh air at a higher rate into the engine

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